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David Lebovitz on Change and Starting a Substack Newsletter

A while ago I interviewed David for my paid newsletter subscribers only. David thought our interview should have a wider reach so he put the interview in his newsletter. And then I thought, “Yeah. David is right. ALL subscribers should watch this interview.”

So here is a bonus newsletter, because you deserve to see what David has to say. The interview is about 40 minutes long. I asked him to answer two questions people ask both of us:

  1. “Should I move my newsletter to Substack?”

  2. “Should I start a newsletter?”

We also cover:

  • career change

  • food blogging

  • pros and cons of writing personal content

  • perils of searchable content

  • risk

  • income

  • free versus paid content on Substack, and more.

If you don’t know David, he is an internationally successful cookbook author, blogger, and social media maven who’s been upping his game for decades. He started his newsletter in October 2020 and is now one of the top food writers on Substack.

I hope you’ll get inspiration and a few takeaways from our talk. I sure did!



P.S. This is a special free newsletter that showcases what’s in my paid newsletter. Subscribe to the paid edition to get more.

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